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Laws of Nature.

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New Zealand-A great nation

New Zealand-A Great Nation

Ahhh, New Zealand, one of the finest nations in the world (well, we did invent the pavlova!). We live in a motherland where the word, Kiwi, has three meanings, a bloke, a fruit, and our national bird. We have blazed sheep drifting freely around public schools, chillingly munching on the grass. We are a nation of forty million sheep. Now, that is some serious shearing. Mount Doom is the first sight we see when we lazily open the curtains in the morning. We drive through Hobbiton on our way to work, and occasionally we see hobbits slothing around and blowing smoke rings. Pretty much every kiwi has either starred in, or was an extra in the mighty film, The Lord of the Rings. Ahh, New Zealand, what a perfect middle earth.

Us kiwis love to invent ways of increasing peoples odds of visiting hospitals when on holiday. I mean, look, we did invented bungee jumping. But that’s not the only way to physically endanger someone while visiting New Zealand. You can do 360s in a jet boat, jump off the tallest structure in the Southern Hemisphere, get bounced four stories in the air on giant rubber bands, and even roll down a big hill enclosed in a giant plastic ball. But the funny thing is you hardly ever see a Kiwi doing extreme sports. We’re usually safely off to the side strapping a harness on some bewildered tourist.

I’ve recently visited the rainy capital city, now I have come to the understanding why we (us Kiwis) refer to the rubber boots as wellingtons. We like to call our parliament building the Beehive, because we New Zealanders are definitely busy folks, this is a bit of the bee’s knees. Us folks are beyond doubt busiest during the summer. We uncover our barbeques, scrape off last year’s grease and grime and chuck on some bangers and patties on it. Whether it’s in the back yard or the beach, it’s usually the blokes seen standing around the barbecue, and this is probably the only time that we see them cook.

Practically every kiwi bloke knows how to do the Haka. But no one does it better than the All blacks. It’s our national religion rugby team. New Zealand has the most superior rugby team in the world. No matter how good the All Blacks are, everyone has an opinion on what they could do better. For Kiwi blokes, wearing a black woollen singlet and a pair of gumboots is a tradition among fashion conscious Kiwi males. Walk into town, and I guarantee you can even see Kiwi blokes wearing their trusty black singlet and gumboots for an outing. The almighty black singlet is warm, covers up sweat from hard manual work, and best of all its sleeveless for freer movement. You can’t live without one.

You can’t get anymore more Kiwi than fish ‘n’ chips. Deep fried fish coated in batter with fried chips as thick as your finger, wrapped up steaming in last week’s newspaper. It all cost next to nothing and was found in every street corner. This is pretty much what we Kiwis enjoy at least once a week. Walk into any Kiwis house, and you are bound to find a copy of a well thumbed Edmonds Cook Book. It’s the Bible of every kitchen, handed down to so son and daughter as they move out to pursuit into flatting life.

We are loved and known for our unique Kiwi life style and this is what makes us Kiwi and this is what defines our culture. Aotearoa is certainly the perfect middle earth.

Bright Park :D

This is my version of the hit Beatles song “Here, There, And every where”
This is my second favourite Beatles song, followed by yesterday
This acoustic recording isnt as good, as i havent praticed much
This is dedicated to one of my dedicated followers, Meg

I litlery recorded this like 5 min ago, lol
theres some little mistakes and little pauses halfway through, but

I hope everyone enjoys it :D

My arrangement of “Yesterday” on acoustic guitar, originally written by Paul McCartney
Recorded months ago and never got around to upload it
You might have to pump up your volume..
But I hope you enjoy it :) 

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Heck Yeah Tumblr Challenges!: 50 day challenge of random things.


  1. A picture of something you hate.
  2. Write whatever it is in your head right now.
  3. Write with your elbow.
  4. A picture of you doing something weird but funny.
  5. A picture of your friends being silly.
  6. Write a paragraph to somebody - it could be anybody you want, even someone you haven’t met yet.
  7. Write…

What i did in the past 2 days

I was really sick in the past 2 days,
So i stayed in bed and watched 4 seasons of South park
i feel like i killed half my brain cells, but also at the same time i feel like i accomplished something

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